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What Can You Expect On Your First Visit?

   When visiting during the Basic Bible Training hour, the class always meets in the main auditorium. This class goes for 45 min. In which time you can expect to hear a lesson from God's Word; broken down into an easy to understand study for your every day life.
   Our services are held upstairs in the main auditorium. The services combine worshipful and exciting music as well as time for you to mingle with others and get to know the people around you. You will always see a very organized but exciting service at GBC.

   Our service structure is formed around the preaching of God's Word.  We will have around 25 min. of music and announcements to start the service and then the remainder will be focused on the preaching portion of the service. Our services typically last just over an hour in length.  You can always expect to hear a timely and practical message from our Pastor or guest speakers.

   Our services are by no means, boring. You may hear several "amens" shouted from the congregation during the preaching hour. We strive to create an environment that is holy and pleasing to God. We believe that by focusing on the preaching of His Word, and collective worship, we are accomplishing what His will is for the local church.

How Should You Dress?

   There is not a dress code at GBC for members or guests.

Our ministry leaders and some of our church family dress in their best attire. However, this is not required dress. Everybody is welcome at GBC. Our main goal is to see people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Where Should You Take Your Children?

   Starting with a spacious, well-staffed nursery, there is something special for every age child. We offer specialized nursery care every service from our professional nursery staff.
This is provided for children up to three years of age.
   Every Sunday morning, we have a fun children's service in our GBC Kids program located in the basement of the building. This service is for children ages 4-12.

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